Getting ready for the off……..

One week until we leave for French France………

Final packing sorted, team shirts arrived and training runs (sort of) completed.

One week at work for me, handover the house to the housesitters, load up Claud the tandem and get on that boat!

First few days will take us from St Malo to Bayeux, via Mont St Michel and Mortain, followed by an excursion around the Normandy Landing Beaches.

Hope the weather holds.

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8 thoughts on “Getting ready for the off……..”

  1. Matilda wishes Claud and Team EuroTandemTour you all the best and all the luck in the world. She also says she is a little jealous of Maud as she only gets abroad for 2 weeks a year. But the second part of this year’s trip will be near Bayeux and the Landing Beaches so she will be looking forward to reading your blogs to pick up some helpful advice!

  2. Mick & Louise,

    I hope all goes well in the lead up to your departure date.

    Have a truly amazing time and keep us updated on your progress; wishing you many wonderful experiences and cherished memories!

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