Back on the bike

Back on the bike, which is a good feeling.

We checked out of the hotel only managing to extract a couple of free breakfasts out of them for yesterday’s debacle.

We left in the rain, which thankfully cleared fairly quickly, and picked out way out of Bayeux, only managing to get briefly lost once.

The plan was a gentle 35k (ish!) to our campsite in St Aubin Sur Mer in the British and Canadian sector of the landing beaches.

First stop was the gun battery at Longues Sur Mer with its views over the landing beaches. It was taken by the Devonshire regiment on 7th June, but clearly pulverised by shelling in advance. All of the batteries had damage, but one in particular looks like it took a direct hit and is in pieces. This is a site of special interest, largely because the original guns are still in place.


We moved on to Arromances and visited the 360 film centre which runs a half hour film on the first 100 days of the landings. Really worth a look and even got to sit in a jeep! ( yeah I know, little things……).


After that, we mooched to our campsite, passing through the Canadian sector, which we will explore more fully in our four days here.

A couple of things have delighted Louise today. First we found a car boot sale on the way to the campsite (and she manages to buy some hair grips(?)). Second, we get to the campsite to find 350 British army lads are staying here, most of whom are in the pool. We are therefore sitting at a table by the pool.

At the site of the car boot sale there was an interesting statue, made entirely out of bicycles to commemorate the Canadian troops who landed with their bikes.


The campsite seems ok, we have a decent mobilehome pitch and there is a laundry, which is good as the laundry bag has reached critical mass and seriously pongs!

A good day at the right pace and I am recovering enough to have a sly beer. I’d like to go to bed soon, but can’t seem to get Louise away from the pool………

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