Juno beach and bike maintenance

As we are in the Juno landing beach area where the Canadians landed, we decided to go to the Juno centre in Courseulles-Sur-Mer. It came highly recommended and it is easy to see why.

We stopped for a coffee on the way and promptly got ripped off to the tune of 9 euros for a coffee and a lemon tea. We know that drinking anything in French bars is not cheap, however these people are just grabbing bastards. We did not leave a tip.

The Juno centre is impressive as much for its explanation of Canadian history as the story of Juno beach and the other campaigns that the Canadians undertook in the war, including disastrous campaigns at Dieppe and Hong Kong and the tough assignments of taking Caen and clearing the estuary into Antwerp.

The Juno Centre
The Juno Centre

It is a very interactive museum; lots of video to watch and a film at the start and end of the visit. The film at the end is particularly moving.

We had a quick look around the bunkers outside the centre and a stroll on the beach that the Canadians took at some cost; we learned that it was the second most difficult landing after Omaha.

On Juno Beach
On Juno Beach

We set off back to the campsite trying to use the cycle paths and giving up. There are plenty of cycle paths along the coast, but they are quite sporadic, cumbersome and seem to stop and start randomly. As the roads here are quite quiet at the moment, we have tended to stick to them. We will try and follow them again for longer journeys.

One job today was to give Claud some TLC. We stopped at a garage and used one of the car wash power hoses to give him a soapy wash, followed by a rinse. We both had a go, water everywhere, some actually on Claude.

Giving Claude a bath.......
Giving Claude a bath…….

The video clip below shows the seriousness of the job in hand……


Having had the obligatory nap (I am still finding it hard to shake off this stomach bug), it was time to do a bit of maintenance on Claude. It took me ages to rig up the bike so the back wheel was off the ground and I could check the gears. I managed this using the clothes drier and Claude only fell over once, unfortunately breaking one of the mirrors๐Ÿ˜ฉ.

I was pretty astonished at the wear on the brakes, particularly the front ones. We do have spare pads and, at this rate we will be needing them fairly soon (we will have to get some more at the same time we buy a new mirror!). As usual, I spent most of my time trying to get the V-brakes adjusted. It may just be me, but it appears to be more of an art form than a science. I could gladly shoot whoever invented them.

Improvisation required to fix Claud
Improvisation required to fix Claud

We are going to have a bit of a ride tomorrow, so it would be good to make sure all is in order. We are off to see Pegasus bridge and hopefully the Merville battery. The weather is good so we hope to take a picnic.

After that, we are off to Caen and then the next stage of the tour, which we really need to start planning for……..

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