Mirror in the bathroom

Ho hum,  the morning starts with some pointless and frustrating admin.

First, my debit card transactions are being rejected so I call the bank. After being transferred three times I am about to explode before I finally speak to someone who can help out. Barclays inform me they have now resolved this. I wait to try it out because if it fails again I will throw the TV out of the bedroom window.

Second, Louise calls Jersey Post to enquire as to the whereabouts of a parcel we sent to my brother in Germany three weeks ago and has gone AWOL. The conversation is bizarre to say the least. The operative proceeds to make all the excuses under the sun as to why the parcel is difficult to track, including last weeks bank holiday. She then tells us it is stuck in the UK. We are asked to send them (another) email with ‘all the relevant details, including tracking number’.  Oh, I thought that is what we gave you in the first place and paid you £27 to deal with. Louise duly complies, while the temptation to chuck the TV out of the window is again overwhelming. Funnily enough, 3 hours later my brother confirms it has been delivered. Stuck in the UK?

We have added another night to our Rotterdam stay. There is so much to see here and we could do with not having to move again. Worryingly, Louise is still in a lot of pain and had a bad night. We have discussed whether some physio would help.

Anyway, we embarked on a boat tour of the largest port in Europe, which was really very good. Smart vessel, good commentary and a bunch of school kids paying no attention whatsoever.

Start of our boat trip around Rotterdam harbour
Start of our boat trip around Rotterdam harbour

Bearing in mind the earlier stages of this tour, here is another place upon which WWII has cast a massive shadow. Rotterdam was obliterated during this war and this has spawned a very modern, well laid out city that has a very open feel. I am not saying that all the architecture is good; some of it is awful, but generally there is a nice feel to the place.

After the boat tour we visited the Markthal, a massive mixed development of large food hall, bars, restaurants and residential. Food fantastic, setting impressive.

Impressive market building
Impressive market building

Having spent so long in cities and with Amsterdam to come, we decide to buy some clothes that don’t make us look like cyclo tourists with no bike. I pickup a hoodie and t-shirt and Louise some leggings; I am sure these will make a difference to our street cred.

Some new gear to wear at the gig.....
Some new gear to wear at the gig…..

After a sit down and a beer we take the metro to a brew pub, where we sample a few and then get ourselves back to a small restaurant near our hotel, which is very busy on a Friday evening.

Bit of a tasting menu at the brewery!
Bit of a tasting menu at the brewery!

The food is good, but the most interesting thing about this place is the men’s toilets (!). In front of the urinal is a mirror, which is admittedly a tad unusual. However, it is one of those distorting mirrors like you get at the fun fair. This one makes your willy look three times longer than it actually is. So obviously mine looks three foot long and I can’t take my eyes off it. I am in there so long my food goes cold and I nearly get thrown out for trying to take a photo of it.

Fortunately the police are not called and we are released  to make our way back to the hotel a bit later.

Tomorrow we aim to go up the Euromast, a massive observation tower, and then we are going to an open air music festival called ‘Werelds delfs haven’ where we can strut our stuff. The weather is looking really good.

I think we are cool enough for a festival!
I think we are cool enough for a festival!

Rotterdam is cool, looking forward to tomorrow

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