Rotterdam: A great place

Well we came to this place in adversity and under somewhat of a cloud. We will leave tomorrow so glad that we visited this fabulous place.

We had a great tour around today. We went up the Euromast, a massive viewing tower over the city with a main viewing platform and then a lift that takes you to the top of the mast for breathtaking views. You could abseil down the side of it for an additional fee. Whilst the thought crossed my mind whilst on the ground, when I got up to the platform there was no way – far too scarey!

Euromast, great views over Rotterdam.
Euromast, great views over Rotterdam.

A friend of ours gave us a tip to visit the Fenix Food Factory , a big food hall across the river. We decided to go on one of the many river taxis you can call to pick you up from various points. This was great fun and much quicker than any other form of transport. This food hall shows how you can use an old building to great effect and it being by the harbour side made it all the better by the sunny and warm weather.

Fenix food factory. Great location & great food.
Fenix food factory. Great location & great food.

I am aware that this is supposed to be a cycling blog, a subject that has been lacking recently. Louise considered riding around the city today, but she really is not ready. We can’t rush this.

In terms of the cycling scene, like our experience in Belgium, cycling is engrained in society and cycling facilities an integral part of the road network. The range of bikes and what people are carrying on them is astonishing. In particular, you notice how people transport their very young children (sometimes two at a time) on their bikes. This tells you how safe it must be.

People here just use their bikes as a natural part of everyday life; last night we were quite amused to see people cycling by clearly on their way to a posh night out. Literally,  guys in posh suits with beautifully dressed girls as passengers on the rear rack. Imagine how that would go down in St Helier on a Friday night?

In contrast to what we found in Ghent, Rotterdam has very clearly laid out cycle lanes and crossings and the cars appear to show due deference to the cycling community. We would certainly have felt safe riding around this city, that is for sure.

Cycle lanes in Rotterdam.
Cycle lanes in Rotterdam.

On the way back we stop off at the festival that was advertised widely around the city yesterday. In truth, it was a bit disappointing and did not really merit the publicity it received. It was more like a village fete. When a group hit the stage that could cave come off a hotel stage in Benidorm, we decided to leave.

The 'festival' was more like a village fete.
The ‘festival’ was more like a village fete.

Good job we did as the thunderclouds were forming and, shortly after we got back to the hotel, the heavens opened, with thunder, lightning and hail thrown in for good measure. For the second time in this trip, the thunder caused an internet outage.

The harbourside was great in the sunshine.
The harbourside was great in the sunshine.

Tomorrow we move out as we make our way towards Amsterdam.

Rotterdam; it’s been a blast……..

5 thoughts on “Rotterdam: A great place”

    1. Thanks immy having such a great time. But am looking forward to getting back on the bike. Xxx lou xx

  1. Sunshine???? We left Chaam yesterday under the , by now, usual heavy mist and murk. It was the same all the way to Dunkirk and there there was a very cold wind. Had a great rally but the weather was S***e ! Hope you’re soon able to ride again .

    1. Yes we seemed to have managed to find a window in the carnage across the rest of Europe. Pity we couldn’t ride! Safe trip home.

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