Monday night we got chatting to a group from Liverpool who were on a self-guided bike tour. They are aiming to get to Vienna in 6 days at about 40k a day; this is a useful guide for us. Our hotel appeared to be a place that the bike tour operators use and all the bikes were lined up outside in the morning. I managed to sponge a track pump from one of the operators and finally managed to get Claud’s front tyre up to pressure.

The Liverpool crowd were going to a place called Schlogen about 40k away. As we had just booked a hotel in the same town, we were likely to see them again en route.

Yesterday had a late start. This turned to our advantage as the previous night’s short but intense thunderstorm had clearly wreaked some havoc. At a number of points debris, mud and rocks had been washed into the road and cycle path, however by the time we passed through it had been mostly cleared.

We quickly cross the border into Austria; our fifth country in 10 weeks. We have enjoyed Germany, but we are looking forward to moving on.

We had a fabulous ride. Here the Danube is in a narrow valley, so almost the whole ride is by the river in a decent cycle track. Admittedly there are many other cyclists on this route, most of whom seem to be on organised tours. This is not really a problem, in fact this route’s popularity means that there are very many places to stop and/or stay on the way. We run into the Liverpool group two or three times on the way.

We also crossed the river a couple of times using the mini ferries that operate from many points on the river. On the first ferry, Louise finds out they sell shots of schnapps. It is 12:00 noon and the ferry trip is 3 minutes or so, but we have one each; down in one. Christ, I thought I was going to die and felt a bit queasy for the next half an hour or so!

When we arrive at our hotel, which is directly on the river, we are delighted to be given a room with a ground floor balcony right onto the Danube. This is useful in trying to dry out tour shirts after a much-needed quick rinse.

It turns out that Schlogen is basically one resort, with hotel, campsite, shops and a health centre around a small marina. Nonetheless, it is nicely positioned on a huge bend in the river and the swim we have in the outdoor pool refreshes us on this hot day.

Today we aim to progress either to Linz or possibly somewhere just before if we stumble across a decent place to stay.

Who knows where we will end up?

3 thoughts on “Austria!”

  1. Glad to see keeping up the spirit of tandeming! And as long as it is noon then the alcohol is perfectly ok!!

    1. Ha ha! Forgot to mention there were a number of other riders partaking as well! Must be something in it……

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